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Poké- +‎ dollar, coined by fans to describe an alternative symbol for yen that first appears on the games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, from 1996.


Pokédollar (plural Pokédollars)

  1. (Pokémon) A unit of currency that is usually described as having characteristics of yen and/or dollar. Its symbol is Pokémon dollar sign.

Usage notes[edit]

In the original Japanese version of the Pokémon games, the currency is yen, represented by the symbol . In the localized versions of the same games in every language besides Korean, that symbol is changed to a letter "P" with two additional horizontal strokes, referencing the yen symbol ¥, while also similar to the Russian ruble . The symbol based on "P" is commonly named "Pokédollar" or "Pokémon dollar".


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