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From German Reichskammergericht (imperial chamber court).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (now historical) The imperial appellate court of the Holy Roman Empire, one of the two highest judicial authorities of the empire.
    • 1995, Karel Davids, Jan Lucassen (eds.), A Miracle Mirrored, p. 141:
      The members of the Reichskammergericht were nominated both by the Estates and the emperor.
    • 2008, Harald Kleinschmidt, Ruling the Waves, p. 245:
      Likewise, it took a while before the Imperial Court of Law, the Reichskammergericht, established its permanent headquarters in the German city of Wetzlar in 1693.
    • 2016, Peter H. Wilson, The Holy Roman Empire, Penguin 2017, p. 123:
      The Peace of Augsburg charged the Reichskammergericht with resolving any disputes by entrusting cases to bipartisan panels composed equally of Lutheran and Catholic judges.