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The Roman name for Rochester was Durobrivae which has two possible origins. It may refer to "fort by the bridge", but which fort (British, Claudian Roman or later fortification after AD 175) is a matter of debate. alternatively the name may come from the British word Dourbruf meaning "swift stream".

The name is recorded as Durobrivis in around 730 and Dorobrevis in 844. The first of these was pronounced as "Robrivis". St Bede the Venerable copied down the name, c730, mistaking its meaning as "Hrofi's fortified camp" (OE Hrofes cæster). From this comes c730 Hrofæscæstre, 811 Hrofescester, 1086 Rovescester, 1610 Rochester.

The Latinised adjective Roffensis refers to Rochester.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A city name, originally of the Rochester in Kent, England.
  2. A British surname​.
  3. A hamlet in Alberta, Canada
  4. A village in Illinois
  5. A city in Indiana
  6. A city in Kentucky
  7. A town in Massachusetts
  8. A city in Michigan
  9. A large city in Minnesota, and the county seat of Olmsted County.
  10. A ghost town in Nevada
  11. A city in New Hampshire
  12. A large city in New York, and the county seat of Monroe County.
  13. A village in Ohio
  14. A borough in Pennsylvania
  15. A town in Texas
  16. A town in Vermont
  17. A town in Victoria, Australia
  18. A census-designated place in Washington
  19. A village in Wisconsin

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