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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (sports) Abbreviation of South Sudan.



SSD (countable and uncountable, plural SSDs)

English Wikipedia has an article on:
  1. (electronics, countable) Initialism of solid-state disk.
  2. (electronics, countable) Initialism of solid-state drive.
  3. (security, software, uncountable) Initialism of static separation of duty.
    • 2006, Warkentin, Merrill, Enterprise Information Systems Assurance and System Security, →ISBN:
      First, static separation of duties (SSD) is based on user-role membership (Gavrila & Barkley, 1998).
    • 2012, Alessandro Colantonio, Roberto Di Pietro, & Alberto Ocello, Role Mining in Business: Taming Role-based Access Control Administration, →ISBN, page 25:
      Administrative functions include all those associated with Core RBAC, as well as creating, delting, and modifying an SSD relation, as well as setting the cardinality of the SSD role set. The cardinality determines the number of users to whom the entire set of SSD roles could be assigned, thus violating SSD, but in a known and limited way.
    • 2016, Michael Gregg, CISSP Exam Cram, →ISBN:
      Your organization might decide to use static separation of duty (SSD). SSD dictates that the member of one group cannot be the member of another group.


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