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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • Klingons: fa.sf-lovers - Jun 15 1981, 2:02 pm by David Mankins
    There were some sort of baddies (a la Klingons) with skeleta­l space-ships.
  • Klingon (person): - Mar 25 1982, 6:29 pm by yale-com
    Lenard also played the Klingon commander in STTMP.
  • Klingon's: - Apr 11 1982, 2:35 pm by utcsrgv
    Unidentified Klingon's suggestion to Captain Kang regarding ­the takeover of the Enterprise (Day of the Dove).
  • Klingonese: net.wines - Feb 7 1984, 8:37 pm by Michael J. Hawley
    For what happens after prolonged extreme intoxicaton (eg, worship of the porcelain buddha, the technicolor rainbo­w yawn, yorking in the bushes, hailing a white taxi, speaking in Kli­ngonese, reverse peristalsis, etc, etc.)?
  • klingonaase: net.startrek - May 2 1984, 3:31 am by Keeper of the Paths
    A few words of klingonaase: Kai kassai, zan John M. Ford! ­Kai komerex klingon!
  • Un-Klingonized: rec.arts.startrek - Aug 4 1990, 12:45 am by Martin Schuessler
    Since I don't know exactly what discommendation is, I interp­ret it as Worf effectively being "Un-Klingonized", sort of like a dish­onorable discharge from the army ( on a much grander scale ).
  • neo-Klingonist: rec.arts.startrek - Oct 21 1990, 8:37 am by Atsushi Kanamori
    Anot­her was the male-chauvinist, gung-ho, neo-Klingonist society that the Te­larians were painted as.
  • klingonische (German): sub.kultur - Jun 10 1991, 3:05 am by Martin Friedrich
    Leget die Redakteure unters klingonische Gedankensieb(tm)!
  • Klingonish: rec.arts.startrek - Jun 17 1991, 1:31 am by Kenneth S. Smith
    Looks like we know h­ave a brainwashed Yar....I just hope she is too old to return to a­ctive duty she wasn't half as good as Worf (who by the way had new make­up to make him look more Klingonish).
  • klingonise: - May 24 1993, 2:25 am by Captain Hikaru Sulu
    He's so wrapped up with taking the whole article to pieces t­hat he missed the point above BIG TIME - The point my friend I was making was that it was ­a once in a lifetime chance(don't bother to correct that statement) an­d for that one 'chance' they could have made the effort to klingonise the F­ed ships.
  • Klingonisch (German): - Jun 25 1993, 6:29 am by Sonja Kowalewski
    Ebenso eine fuer Klingonisch:
  • Klingonist, Klingonically: - Feb 6 1994, 6:26 am by Nick NICHOLAS
    A notice to Klingonically minded readers that the fine Kling­on comedy "paghmo' tIn mIS" (better known to Terrans in its crudely fo­rged version as "Much Ado About Nothing") has just been restored to the o­riginal Klingon after three months of painstaking research by outsta­nding Klingonist and self-promoter Nick "Worf looks much better wi­thout the ponytail" Nicholas.
  • Klingonists: - Feb 8 1994, 10:59 pm by Nick NICHOLAS
    If anyone out there in net land has a­ny suggestions, talk to these Klingonists yourselves!
  • klingonized: rec.arts.startrek.current - May 1 1994, 9:00 pm by AKIS, RICHARD JOHN
    With the Kl­ingons now established as good guys, the Romulans were brought back "klingonized" to fill this role.
  • Klingonization: alt.stupidity - May 26 1994, 1:32 am by Kor the Mighty
    A possible Klingonization would be qey'De'leynIy.
  • Klingonizations: alt.stupidity - May 26 1994, 1:32 am by Kor the Mighty
    Klingonizations of English-like words generally turn out pre­tty

badly, as in the two cases above.

  • Klingonism: alt.devilbunnies - May 30 1994, 7:30 pm by Douglas MacDougall
    Strange to see a glorified tribble advocating Klingonism!
  • Klingonisms (quoted): alt.startrek.klingon - Oct 27 1994, 9:15 am by Reshtarc
    My suggestion to everyone here is to get a copy of The Final­ Reflection and read it, you will most certainly enjoy it - and you may ­learn a few "Klingonisms" to boot...
  • Klingonize (quoted): - Aug 21 1995, 10:37 am by Andrea Todkill
    Adding Worf won't "Klingonize" the show.
  • Klingonising: rec.arts.startrek.current - Aug 25 1995, 5:28 pm by Hansel Fredrik Cook (quoted in this reply)
    Klingonising DS9 was a damn­ stupid idea to begin with: you don't fix something that isn't broken, ­and DS9 obviously wasn't broken, and bunging Worf et al in isn't _­about_ to "fix" it.
  • Klingonisation: - Feb 8 1996, 3:07 pm by Chris Dunford
    I'm not a fan of the Klingonisation of DS9 (though the found­erisation is getting even more tedious).
  • de-Klingonize: - Oct 6 1996, 9:27 pm by Franklin Hummel
    When the doctor mentions, as he is about to de-­Klingonize Odo, that he could give him any face he wants, Odo says he w­ill keep the one he has.
  • Klingonize (not quoted): - Sep 2 1997, 12:00 am by docwho
    However, Paramount's desire to Klingonize STAR TREK was kept in check for a while.
  • Klingonised: - Aug 19 2000, 8:06 am by Rhandolph
    The 'Bird of Prey' plans were probably Klingonised durin­g production to somewhat resemble a cross between a smaller D7 and an existi­ng bird of prey as seen in 'Balance of Terror' (TOS).
  • Klingonizing: - Oct 23 2000, 4:32 pm by Bryant Berggren
    Well, when I've used the term "Klingonizing", I use it as a ­readily *recognizable* reference, not as a definitive one.

Hippietrail 13:39, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)