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Tyler +‎ -ize


Tylerize (third-person singular simple present Tylerizes, present participle Tylerizing, simple past and past participle Tylerized)

  1. To abandon the political party to which political office is owed, as United States President John Tyler did during his term of office (1841-45), to defect to another party or political position while in office, to commit political apostasy.
    • 1864, Thomas Jefferson Miles, To All Whom It May Concern
      Seward was not trusted by Greeley, Phillips, Lovejoy, and the radicals of their complexion. They apprehended that after using the "American citizens of African descent," until he (Seward) should be safely seated in the Presidential chair, he would abandon the negro and "Tylerize" their Party; hence, they would not trust him
    • 1902, The Outlook
      "The great doctrine of equal rights will prevail," wrote Medill, of the Chicago "Tribune," to President Johnson in September, 1865, warning him not to Tylerize his party nor go back on those who had elected him.
    • 1962, Hans Sperber, Travis Trittschuh & Hans Sperber, American Political Terms
      Thus to Tylerize became a term meaning to forsake the party to which one owes allegiance or office.

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