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This bot is used to populate the inflected forms of Latin verbs, participles, and adjectives, and to populate the conjugated forms of Galician verbs. Its name comes from the Latin (deprecated template usage) fit, a form of (deprecated template usage) faciō.

FitBot This user is a bot.
(talk · contribs)
Operator: EncycloPetey (t/c)
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task/s: Inflect Latin words and Galician verbs
Source code: User:FitBot/forms
Edit rate: Approx. 1 edit/10 seconds
Edit period/s: When EncycloPetey is online
Automatic or manual? Manual login, automated importing from file


  • Uses SemperBlotto's modification of the "" python script (part of "pywikipediabot" package) to load inflected forms from a text file that has been prepared offline (semi-automatically).
  • Pages that already exist are not changed by this process, if they already have a Latin section. Otherwise, a Latin section is added at the end and the autoformat bot is asked to cleanup.
  • The bot always runs under the direct control of User:EncycloPetey.

Verbs and other forms

  • Imperatives, infinitives, and future participles are not currently added as part of this process.
  • Code is at User:FitBot/forms
  • The text file consists of a section for each word to be loaded in a format typified by the following.
<<< audivi >>>      (page name)
# {{conjugation of|[[audio#Latin|audiō]]||1|s|perf|act|ind|lang=la}}