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long-toed water beetles long-wave band long-wave radar long-wavelength infrared region long-wavelenth limits long-whiskered catfish long-winged conehead longbill spearfish longboard guns longboard skateboard longcase clock longcase clocks longdesc attribute longe line longear sunfish longeing cavesson longer dialogue longer ending longer focal-length longer hair longer term traders longer times longer vowels longer waves longest aerial lift longest animal longest animals longest baseball game longest charting song longest common subsequence longest common subsequence problem longest common substring longest common substring problem longest common substrings longest concert in the series longest continuous human presence in space longest current winning streak between annual opponents longest day of the year longest duration longest escalator longest game longest game in professional baseball history longest home run ever hit longest in the world longest increasing subsequence longest increasing subsequence problem longest increasing subsequences longest lived longest lived animal species longest music video longest night of the year longest non-repetitive piano pieces longest path longest piano piece longest prefix match longest professional baseball game longest professional baseball game in history longest repeated substrings longest siege longest siege in modern military history longest ski jumps longest substrings common longest undefended border longest undersea highway tunnel longest winning streak longest word known longest-lasting light bulb longest-prefix matching longest-serving senator ever longevity fruit longevity genes longevity myth longevity myths longevity record longevity risk longfin boarfish longfin dragonfish longfin escolar longfin mako longfin mako shark longfin mako sharks longfin makos longfin sanddab longfin smelt longfin spotted snake eel longfin tuna longform improvisation longform improvisational comedy longform music video longheaded eagle ray longhorn beetle longhorn beetles longhorn bull longhorn cattle longhorn cow longhorn fairy shrimp longhorn moth longhorn steer longhorned beetles longicorn beetle longissimus capitis longissimus dorsi longissimus thoracis longitude by chronometer longitude of ascending node longitude of orbit's periapsis longitude of periastron longitude of the ascending node longitude of the node longitude of the orbit's periapsis longitude of the periapsis longitude of the perihelion longitude prize longitude prizes longitude problem longitude tables longitudes of perihelia longitudes of the periapsis longitudianlly mounted longitudinal analysis longitudinal arc of longitudinal arch of the foot longitudinal axis longitudinal bands longitudinal bundle longitudinal cerebral fissure longitudinal electromagnetic waves longitudinal engine longitudinal engines longitudinal fasciculi longitudinal fasciculus longitudinal fibers longitudinal fissure longitudinal fissures of longitudinal four longitudinal learning effect longitudinal mode longitudinal modes longitudinal modulus longitudinal muscle longitudinal muscular coat longitudinal optical longitudinal optical phonon LO phonon longitudinal optical LO phonon longitudinal or compression waves longitudinal placement longitudinal plane longitudinal position longitudinal redundancy check longitudinal regression longitudinal relaxation longitudinal research longitudinal section longitudinal sinus longitudinal space charge waves longitudinal stability longitudinal static stability longitudinal strain longitudinal stress longitudinal striae longitudinal studies longitudinal study longitudinal sulcus longitudinal wave longitudinal waves longitudinal-mounted engine longitudinal-optical phonon longitudinale anterius longitudinalis epoöphori longitudinalis linguæ longitudinally mounted longitudinally polarized longitudinally-mounted engine longjaw cisco longjaw mudsucker longjawed galaxias longjing tea longleaf pine longleaf pines longline fisheries longline fishing longneck eel longneck eels longnose chimaera longnose corydoras longnose dace longnose gar longnose hawkfish longnose lancetfish longnose loach longnose stonebasher longnose sucker longnose velvet dogfish longnose whiptail catfish longo longo longroot smartweed longshore current longshore currents longshore drift longshore transport longshore workers longsleeve shirts longspine sandbur longstalked phyllanthus longsword dances longtail boat longtail boats longtail butterfly ray longtail dragonet longtail tuna longterm ecological observatory longthorn hawthorn longtime partner longtime romance longue durée longue paume longus capitis longus capitis muscle longus capitus muscle longus colli longus colli muscle longus colli muscles longus digitorum longus muscle longwall mine longwall mining longwave broadcasting band longwave radiation longwave radio longwave radio broadcasting station longwave radio mast longwave transmission longwave transmitter longwire antenna lontar book lontar manuscripts loo bells loo mask look & feel look ahead look and feel look angle look angles look exactly the same look infantile even into adulthood look into my eyes look say look similar look up tables look-ahead cheating look-alikes for political purposes look-and-say sequence look-and-say sequences look-back provision look-through approach look-up table look-up tables lookback option lookdown catfish looking after home or family looking at a great holy man looking at the audience looking cool looking for food looking glass self looking up looking up girls' skirts looking up something looking-glass self lookout tower looks and feels looks and sounds looks at the camera lookup table lookup tables loom weaving loom weight loom weights loony left or halo loop antenna or halo antenna loop or halo antenna loop aerial loop algebra loop antenna loop antennas loop area loop around loop artist loop based music loop bin duplicator loop bin duplicators loop braid group loop branch line loop circuit loop complexity loop counter loop counters loop current loop dependence analysis loop detection loop detectors loop device loop devices loop diagrams loop disconnect dialing loop diuretic loop diuretics loop electrical excision procedure loop electrosurgical excision procedure loop entropy loop excision loop expansion loop field loop filter loop fission loop functor loop fusion loop gain loop gravity loop gravity or loop quantum gravity loop group loop groups loop handling the events loop heat pipe loop holes loop integral loop integrals loop interchange loop invariant loop invariant hoisting loop inversion loop isotope loop jump loop knot loop line loop lines loop modeling loop mounted loop nest optimization loop of the jejunum loop optimization loop optimizations loop orbits loop order loop parallelization loop pedal loop pedals loop pile loop quantization loop quantum cosmology loop quantum gravity loop regions loop reversal loop road loop route loop scavenge loop scheduling loop sensors loop skewing loop space loop spaces loop start loop term loop the loop loop theorem loop tiling loop time loop transformation loop transformations loop unrolling loop unswitching loop unwinding loop-carried dependency loop-erased random walk loop-free distance-vector protocols loop-invariant code motion loopback address loopback device loopback mount looped and bunted looped cassette looped smartcard looped streets looped tape looped tapes loopholes in actual experiments looping constructs looping ramp looping the loop looping time every half hour loops a particular stretch of time loops of knotted wool loopy belief propagation loose anagen hair syndrome loose areolar connective tissue loose areolar tissue loose ball loose blockade loose booty loose box loose cannon loose cannoned loose confederation loose connective tissue loose coordination loose coupling loose edges loose forward loose head prop loose interlamellar coupling loose jawed fish loose leaf loose leaf paper loose papers loose personal union loose rein policy loose rib loose smut loose socks loose story arc loose tenon loose trilogy loose wheel nut indicators loose women loose-footed mainsail loose-forward positions loose-head prop loose-leaf services loose-meat sandwiches loosehead lettuce loosehead prop loosely "areolar" loosely based loosely coupled loosely coupled software components loosely pegged loosely speaking loosely typed language loosemeat sandwich loot system looted antiquities looted art looting art looting station lop rabbit loperamide hydrochloride loperamide oxide lophira alata lophura edwardsi lopseed family loral area lord chamberlain of the royal household lord chancellor lord chancellorship lord chief baron of the exchequer lord chief justice lord deputy lord high treasurer lord justice lord keeper lord keeper of the great seal lord lieutenancy lord lieutenancy of the county lord lieutenant lord lieutenants lord mayor lord mayors lord of a manor lord of session lord of the bedchamber lord of the manor lord of the treasury lord of tides lord paramount lord protector lord sickness lord siva temple lord treasurer lordis of parliament lordosis behavior lordosis reflex lords lieutenant lords of manors lords of the admiralty lords of the articles lords of the congregation lords of the manor lords of the manors lords paramount lordship of parliament lordship of the manor lordship salvation lordships of manors lore of the tribe loreal scale loreal scales lorem ipsum lorentz catfish lorentz forces lorenz attractor lorica hamata lorica manica lorica segmentata lorica squamata lories and lorikeets lories and lorikeetss lorried infantry horse-drawn lorry driver lorum ladder lorum piercings los 40 los angelenos los desaparecidos los planetas los pricioneros los toreros muertos los Ángeles lose 1–0 lose a life lose any power lose by a 17% margin lose confidence lose consciousness lose control under heavy braking and power steering problems lose electric power lose face lose her hearing lose his memory lose his soul lose his status lose in heartbreaking fashion lose one's self lose population lose their magnetism lose their powers lose weight loser bracket loser leaves town loser leaves town match loser on loser loser pays loser would have his head shaved bald losers chess loses a molecule of water loses both testicles loses consciousness loses her job loses his sanity loses its limbs loses weight losing 2-0 losing chess losing consciousness losing controversially losing games intentionally losing hazard losing her virginity losing his hearing losing his memory losing horns losing its structure losing move losing records losing score losing scores losing streak losing streak losing stream losing the handle losing trick count losing weight losing your virginity loss and destruction of habitat loss and risk assessment software package loss angle loss aversion loss by employee theft loss control loss exchange ratio loss experience loss function loss functions loss leader loss leaders loss modulus loss of 25 million child benefit records loss of a leg loss of all his memories loss of amnesia loss of appetite loss of axon tissue loss of blood loss of blood flow loss of blood pressure loss of capital and talents loss of charge loss of color vision loss of community loss of confidence loss of consciousness loss of consciousness due to g-forces loss of consortium loss of consumer privacy loss of coolant loss of coolant accident loss of cooling loss of coordination loss of dental fricatives loss of dignity loss of employment loss of face loss of forest loss of function loss of generality loss of habitat loss of hearing loss of heterozygosity loss of hire insurance loss of his mind loss of human lives at sea loss of hundreds of civilian lives loss of life loss of life and property damage loss of limbs loss of memory loss of oxygen loss of parents loss of peripheral vision loss of pollinators loss of possession loss of pressure control accident loss of significance loss of skin elasticity loss of supply loss of teeth loss of the colonies loss of virginity loss of vision loss of water loss of weight loss of wildlife habitat loss on ignition loss power loss prevention loss probability loss rate loss reserves loss reserving loss tangent loss-exchange ratios loss-making exercise loss-of-coolant accident loss-of-function mutation loss-of-function mutations losses of electrolytes lossless audio lossless audio compression lossless compressed lossless compression lossless compression algorithm lossless data compression lossless image formats lossless rotation lossless-join decomposition losslessly compress losslessly compressed lossy audio codec lossy audio codecs lossy audio compression lossy audio formats lossy codecs lossy compressed lossy compression lossy compression algorithms lossy compression scheme lossy compressions lossy data compression lossy data conversion lossy encoding method lossy format lossy image compression lossy processes lossy signal compression lossy-data compression lost 1-0 lost 17th century city lost 2-1 lost 5-4 lost a considerable amount of money lost a fight lost a flyball in the sun lost a game lost a significant amount of blood lost and found lost art lost ball lost birthplace of humanity lost book lost boys lost by 17 percentage points lost by an innings lost by fall lost by one yard lost cause lost causes lost circulation lost city lost civilization lost civilizations lost colonies lost confidence lost continent lost continents lost control lost counties lost diadem lost elections again lost episode lost episodes lost face lost film lost films lost foam lost foam process lost forever lost frog lost frogs lost generation lost gold mine lost gold placer mine lost her memories lost her memory lost her senses lost her virginity lost his hearing lost his memories lost his memory lost his mind lost his seat lost in space lost in the mall technique lost it lost its franchise lost its independence lost its majority lost its majority in the upper house lost its monopoly lost land lost lands lost lawsuit lost logia lost lugagge lost many anti-predator behaviours lost many genes lost memory lost mine lost mines lost notebook lost opportunity lost order lost ownership lost phylum lost play lost power lost pressure lost property lost race lost sales metric lost several sea battles lost sheep lost shield lost silver mine lost spider pit sequence lost sunken city lost technique lost telepathy restored lost ten tribes lost territories lost the ball in the sun lost the election lost the highest percentage of its citizens lost the velar fricative lost their language lost their powers lost their veto lost time lost to sediments lost town lost towns lost treasure lost tribes lost tribes and civilizations lost villages lost vision lost voyage lost wax lost wax casting lost wax casting process lost wax castings lost wax method lost wax process lost weekend lost wisdom of the ancients lost with all hands lost work lost works lost world lost world novel lost worlds lost year lost-foam casting lost-wax casting lost-wax method lost-wax process lost-wax technique lot and cope duties lot coverage lot lizard lot lizards lot size lot titles lot-cloth split lotic ecosystems lotic system ecology lotion play lots of lesbians lotte ohm. lottery cards lottery cash lottery funding lottery game lottery grant lottery machine lottery model lottery number lottery paradox lottery pick lottery picks lottery scam lottery scams lottery tickets lottus flower lotus birth lotus eaters lotus effect lotus flower lotus flowers lotus gait lotus gate lotus mahal lotus paste lotus position lotus posture lotus root lotus roots lotus seed lotus seed buns lotus seed paste lotus seeds lotus sutra lotus tie lotus tree lotus trees lou chuan lou mei lou semitoun lou tambourin loud hailer loud machinery loud mad bloke loud speaker loud speakers loudest album ever loudest animals loudest concert ever loudest sounds made by animals loudness equalisation loudness level loudness of the album clipping the sound loudness war loudness wars loudspeaker acoustics loudspeaker design loudspeaker driver loudspeaker enclosure loudspeaker topology louis d'argent louis d'or lounge act lounge band lounge bar lounge bars lounge car lounge cars lounge chair lounge chairs lounge jazz lounge lizard lounge music lounge musicians lounge revival lounge singer lounge singers lounge suit lounge suits loup garoux louping ill virus louse fly louse-borne relapsing fever louse-borne typhus lousewort genus lovastatin nonaketide synthase love across the ocean love actually love addiction love affair love affair with a woman love affairs love and hatred love and marriage love and peace love and take care of their children love as thou wilt love at first sight love ballad love ballads love balls love beads love between men love between men and women love birds love bite love bites love bomb love bombing love bug love bugs love bus love cake love charms love chemical love child love cult love dart love doctrine love doll love dolls love egg love feast love feasts love for one's enemies love for other women love grass love handle love handles love hate relationship love heart love hearts love hotel love hotels love in love in the afternoon love interest love interests love is blind love is like a rose love juice love letter love letters love life love magnet love manual love map love marriage love marriages love me tender love motive love of art love of beautiful youths love of country love of god love of money love of women love of youths love offering love or erotic poetry love parade love philter love pillow love pillows love poem love poems love poetry love potion love potions love rectangle love relation love relationship love rock love scene love scenes love seats love shacks love sickness love simulation love slave love song love songs love spoon love stamps love stories love story love suicide love tester love the island love theme love token love toward young pages, soldiers, or novices in trades and professions love with no lust love with the boy's beauty love your enemies love-hate relationship loved another male lovemap displacement lovemap inclusion lover of men lovers rock loving and pederastic loving behavior loving cup loving hug loving one’s neighbor loving relationship loving relationships loving your neighbour low affinity nerve growth factor receptor low affinity neurotrophin receptor low affinity sites low alcohol low alcohol beer low alloy steel low alloy steels low altitude low angle thrust faulting low appetite low approach low art low atmospheric pressure low back low back merger low background counting chamber low ball low bap low basis theorem low bindweed low birth weight low birthweight low blood glucose level low blood pressure low blood pressure upon standing low blood sugar low blood sugar levels low blood-pressure low blow low blow to the groin low blowed low blowing low blows low bridge low brow low brow art low budget low budget film low budget films low budgets low bush cranberry low bypass turbofan low bypass turbofans low calamint low calorie low calorie diet low carb low carb diet low carbohydrate low carbohydrate diet low carbohydrate dieting low carbohydrate diets low carbon low carbon buildings programme low carbon economy low carbon steel low central vowel low church low class low cloud low comedy low compression low conjunctures low context low context culture low cost low cost airline low cost airliners low cost airlines low cost carrier low cost carriers low cost construction technique low cost housing low countries low country low country dances low coupling low cultural shows low culture low cultures low degree low density low density amorphous ice low density lipoprotein low density lipoprotein receptor low density lipoprotein receptor gene family low density lipoproteins low density parity check code low density polyethylene low density uses low desert low dielectric constant low dimensional maps low dimensional phenomena low discrepancy sequences low diversity lineages low drag low dropout regulators low earth low earth orbit low earth orbital low earth orbits low emission vehicle low emission vehicles low emission zone low emissions vehicles low emissivity low-E low end low energy building low energy buildings low energy electron diffraction low energy electron microscope low energy house low energy lunar transfer low energy transfers low enriched low enriched uranium low enter low explosive low explosives low fantasy low fare airline low fare airlines low fat low fat milk low fetal blood counts low fiber diet low fidelity low fire low floor low floor buses low floored low floors low flux reactor low freqencies low frequency low frequency electromagnetic waves low frequency induction low frequency oscillation low frequency oscillator low frequency radio range low front unrounded vowel low front vowel low functioning low gain antennas low gearing low german low glycemic index diet low grade low grading low gravity low hand low hands low hardness low head low impact development low impact exercise low impact tourism low income low income cut-off low incomes low inputs low instrument low intensity conflict low intensity conflicts low intensity operations low intensity warfare low ionization nuclear emission region low ionization nuclear emission region low ionization nuclear emission-line region low island low islands low jumping single leg running front dropkick low justice low latency low latent inhibition low level low level jet low level language low level moisture low level nuclear waste dump low level radioactive waste low level waste low level windshear alert system low levels of literacy low levels of potassium low libido low life low loaders low mass low masses low medieval period low melting point low molecular mass polypeptide low muscle tone low noise amplification low noise amplifier low noise amplifiers low observability low orbit low orbiting satellites low order detonation low order explosives low oxygen low oxygen levels low pass low pass filter low pass filtering low pass filters low pay low people low pitched low platelets low poly low polygonal low post low potassium low potassium levels low power low power radio low power radio station low power repeaters low power television low pressure low pressure area low pressure areas low pressure center low pressure depressions low pressure sodium lamp low pressure sodium lamps low pressure sodium vapor lamps low pressure sodium vapour lights low pressure system low pressure systems low pressure weather low pressures low prices low priority low probability of intercept low profile low protein diet low protocol low range low ratings low relief low residue diet low resolution low rise low rise jean low rise jeans low ropes challenge course low sagebrush low salinity zone low saturated fat low scope low scores low security federal prison low self discharge nickel metal hydride battery low self esteem low self-esteem low serum potassium low sets low shot low speed low speed freeway chase low speed vehicles low spin low stand low status low surface brightness low surface brightness galaxies low tar low taxes low tech low temperature low temperature carbonization low temperature cooking low temperature physics low temperatures low threshold spikes low threshold spiking low tide low tides low tom low tone low topper low transmitter power low turnout low urine volume low vacuum low vega low velocity explosive low volatile coals low voltage low voltage differential signaling low vowel low vowels low wage low wage service jobs low wages low water low water bridge low water crossing low water spring tides low water springs low watermark low whistle low wing low yield low- and mid-level clouds low-Earth orbit low-G elements low-Z elements low-alcohol beer low-alloy steels low-angle shot low-angle shots low-aspect ratio wings low-ball draw low-barrier hydrogen bond low-battery indication low-battery indicator low-brow humor low-budget film low-budget films low-budget horror film industry low-bypass turbofan low-carb diet low-carb diets low-carbohydrate diet low-carbohydrate diets low-carbon development low-carbon economy low-coherence interferometry low-complexity art low-complexity artworks low-cost air services low-cost air travel low-cost airline low-cost airlines low-cost carrier low-cost carrier business model low-cost carriers low-cost chartered airline low-cost electric interties low-cost flights low-cost housing low-cost market low-cost model low-cost nations low-cost operators low-cost sector low-cost subsidiary low-cost vehicles low-density lipoprotein low-density lipoproteins low-density parity check low-density parity-check low-density parity-check low-density parity-check codes LDPC codes low-density parity-check LDPC codes low-density parity-check codes low-density polyethylene low-density tourism low-density-lipoprotein receptor low-density-lipoprotein receptor kinase low-dimensional topologists low-dimensional topology low-discrepancy sequence low-discrepancy sequences low-earth circular orbit low-earth orbit low-earth orbiting low-emission standards low-emissions automobiles low-energy weak stability boundary low-energy transfer weak stability boundary transfer low-energy weak stability boundary transfer low-energy building low-energy building techniques low-energy buildings low-energy coasts