lounge lizard

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Alternative forms[edit]


lounge lizard (plural lounge lizards)

  1. (Jazz-age or flapper slang) An idler or pleasure-seeker; a person who spends considerable time loitering in bars and cocktail lounges.
    • 1937, George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier, ch. 7,
      There is at least a tinge of truth in that picture of Southern England as one enormous Brighton inhabited by lounge-lizards.
    • 1985, net.singles, 13 Jul.,
      I certainly don't advocate trying to copy some Las Vegas lounge lizard.
    • 1995, The Washington Post, 20 Jan.,
      With his panther glide and lounge-lizard eyes, Fishburne has become one of film's most mesmerizing stars.
    • 2002, The New Yorker, 14 Oct.,
      A second later, funky beats and distorted guitars kicked in, and then quirky hip-hop-style vocals with a country-and-Western lounge-lizard overlay.
    • 2003, The New Yorker, 17 Mar.,
      Someone should pull together a major movie for this actor, because he’s great at playing heels with a vagrant streak of decency—say, a lounge lizard with feelings, an uncomfortably adulterous husband.