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voice tone voice tracked voice tracking voice tracks voice traffic on analog lines voice training voice training courses voice training or voice surgery voice type voice types voice vote voice work voice-grade copper voice-over actor voice-over actress voice-over artist voice-over artists voice-over work voiceband modem voiced (post)palatal fricative voiced alveolar voiced alveolar affricate voiced alveolar fricative voiced alveolar implosive voiced alveolar lateral approximant voiced alveolar lateral fricative voiced alveolar non-sibilant fricative voiced alveolar nonsibilant fricative voiced alveolar plosive voiced alveolar sibilant voiced alveolo-palatal affricate voiced alveolo-palatal fricative voiced alveolo-palatal sibilant voiced alveolopalatal fricative voiced and operated voiced apical sibilant voiced bilabial voiced bilabial fricative voiced bilabial implosive voiced bilabial plosive voiced bilabial stop voiced by voiced consonant voiced consonants voiced coronal lateral fricative voiced coronal sibilant voiced dental voiced dental fricative voiced dental implosive voiced dental nonsibilant fricative voiced dental plosive voiced dental sibilant voiced dental sibilant fricative voiced dental stop voiced epiglottal fricative voiced fricative voiced fricatives voiced glottal fricative voiced implosive voiced interdental fricative voiced labial-velar approximant voiced labial-velar plosive voiced labialized velar approximant voiced labio-alveolar fricative voiced labiodental affricate voiced labiodental fricative voiced labiodental plosive voiced labiovelar approximant voiced lateral approximant voiced linguolabial fricative voiced linguolabial plosive voiced or voiceless voiced over voiced palatal affricate voiced palatal approximant voiced palatal fricative voiced palatal implosive voiced palatal plosive voiced palato-alveolar sibilant voiced pharyngeal fricative voiced plosive voiced postalveolar affricate voiced postalveolar fricative voiced postalveolar sibilant voiced retroflex affricate voiced retroflex fricative voiced retroflex fricatives voiced retroflex implosive voiced retroflex plosive voiced retroflex plosives voiced retroflex sibilant voiced retroflex stop voiced slit fricative voiced sounds voiced speech voiced stop voiced stops voiced uvular fricative voiced uvular fricatives voiced uvular implosive voiced uvular plosive voiced uvular stop voiced velar voiced velar fricative voiced velar implosive voiced velar nasal voiced velar plosive voiced velar plosives voiced velar stop voiceless alveolar voiceless alveolar affricate voiceless alveolar fricative voiceless alveolar lateral affricate voiceless alveolar lateral approximant voiceless alveolar lateral fricative voiceless alveolar lateral fricatives voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative voiceless alveolar nonsibilant fricative voiceless alveolar plosive voiceless alveolar sibilant voiceless alveolar stop voiceless alveolar trill voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative voiceless alveolo-palatal sibilant voiceless alveopalatal fricative voiceless and voiced voiceless apical sibilant voiceless apicoalveolar fricative voiceless aspirated voiceless aspirated velar stop voiceless bilabial voiceless bilabial fricative voiceless bilabial nasal voiceless bilabial plosive voiceless bilabial stop voiceless bilabial-labiodental affricate voiceless breath voiceless consonant voiceless consonants voiceless coronal lateral fricative voiceless coronal sibilant voiceless counterpart voiceless dental voiceless dental bilabially trilled affricate voiceless dental fricative voiceless dental fricatives voiceless dental nonsibilant fricative voiceless dental or alveolar plosive voiceless dental plosive voiceless dental sibilant voiceless dental sibilant fricative voiceless dental stop voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative voiceless epiglottal fricative voiceless fricatives voiceless glottal "fricative" voiceless glottal fricative voiceless glottal plosive voiceless glottal stop voiceless glottal transition voiceless interdental fricative voiceless labial fricative voiceless labial-velar approximant voiceless labial-velar fricative voiceless labial-velar plosive voiceless labial-velar stop voiceless labialized velar approximant voiceless labio-velar approximant voiceless labiodental affricate voiceless labiodental fricative voiceless labiodental plosive voiceless labiovelar fricative voiceless lateral affricate voiceless lateral approximant voiceless lateral fricative voiceless lateral fricatives voiceless linguolabial fricative voiceless linguolabial plosive voiceless palatal approximant voiceless palatal fricative voiceless palatal lateral fricative voiceless palatal plosive voiceless palatal stop voiceless palatal-velar fricative voiceless palato-alveolar fricative voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant voiceless pharyngeal fricative voiceless pharyngealized alveolar fricative voiceless pharyngealized alveolar plosive voiceless postalveolar affricate voiceless postalveolar fricative voiceless postalveolar sibilant voiceless retroflex affricate voiceless retroflex fricative voiceless retroflex lateral fricative voiceless retroflex plosive voiceless retroflex sibilant voiceless retroflex stop voiceless sibilant voiceless stop voiceless stops voiceless uvular fricative voiceless uvular implosive voiceless uvular plosive voiceless uvular plosives voiceless uvular stop voiceless uvular-epiglottal plosive voiceless velar voiceless velar fricative voiceless velar fricatives voiceless velar lateral fricative voiceless velar plosive voiceless velar stop voiceover actor voiceover artist voiceover work voices in his head voicing assimilation voicing over void * void ab initio void and illegal void and ultimate emptiness void coefficient void coefficient of reactivity void contract void deck void fraction void marriage void or voidable marriage void pointer void pointers void ratio void return type void secret void ship void type void volume voidable floating charges voidable marriage voiding cystourethrogram voiding cystourethrography voids in space voir dire voitures à 2 étages voivode of Łęczyca voivodeship of that name voivodeship sejmik voivodeship sejmiks voivodeship system voivodeship zachodniopomorskie voivodship roads vol pot volume pot vol volume pot vol 4 vol 5 vol 6 vol 7 vol au vents volapuk encoding volar antibrachial volar arch volar artery volar branch of ulnar volar branch of ulnar nerve volar carpal volar carpal ligament volar carpal net-work volar carpal network volar digital volar digital veins volar interosseous artery volar interosseous branch volar interosseous nerve volar metacarpal arteries volar metacarpal artery volar metacarpal veins volar or anterior volar or palmar arches volar pads volar radiocarpal ligament volaris indicis radialis volaris manus volaris profundus volaris superficialis volatile acidity volatile anaesthetic volatile anaesthetics volatile anesthetic volatile anesthetics volatile components volatile compounds volatile elements volatile fatty acids volatile main memory volatile materials volatile memory volatile oil volatile oil of mustard volatile oils volatile organic compound volatile organic compounds volatile organic compounds volatile program memory volatile salt volatile solvents volatile sulfur compounds volatile variable volatile variables volatility arbitrage volatility implied by the market volatility index volatility risk volatility smile volatility surface volatility swap volcanic action volcanic activities volcanic activity volcanic arc volcanic arc islands volcanic arcs volcanic area volcanic ash volcanic ashes volcanic bedrock volcanic belt volcanic belts volcanic blocks volcanic bomb volcanic bombs volcanic breccia volcanic caldera volcanic centers volcanic chains volcanic cinder cone volcanic complex volcanic cone volcanic cones volcanic crater volcanic craters volcanic debris volcanic dike volcanic disaster volcanic discharge volcanic dome volcanic earthquakes volcanic edifice volcanic eruption volcanic eruptions volcanic events volcanic explosion volcanic field volcanic fields volcanic formations, or very old english tea deposits volcanic fragments volcanic gas volcanic gases volcanic gasses volcanic glass volcanic hill volcanic hotspot volcanic hotspots volcanic island volcanic island arc volcanic islands volcanic isles volcanic lake volcanic lakes volcanic margins volcanic mountain volcanic mountain belts volcanic mountains volcanic mudflows volcanic neck volcanic necks volcanic origin volcanic outcrop volcanic peak volcanic peaks volcanic phenomena volcanic pipe volcanic pipes volcanic plain volcanic plains volcanic plateau volcanic plateaus volcanic plug volcanic plugs volcanic processes volcanic region volcanic rift volcanic rifted margins volcanic rock volcanic rocks volcanic skies volcanic soils volcanic spine volcanic springs volcanic terrain volcanic traprock volcanic tremor volcanic tuffs volcanic vent volcanic vents volcanic water eruptions volcanic winter volcano complex volcano craters volcano domes volcano observation volcano observatories volcano observatory volcano rabbit volcano scenes volcano school volcano-seismic activity volcanogenic massive sulfide volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposit volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits volcanotectonic depression vole clock volenti non fit injuria volepox virus volitile organic carbons volitional act volitional action volitional conditioning volitional form volitional formations volitive moods volley gun organ gun volley organ gun volley ball volley gun volley guns volley shots volleyball court volleyball courts volleyball national championship teams volleyball player volleyball preliminaries volleyball team volt ampere volt meter volt-amperes reactive volta effect voltage adapter voltage bias voltage breakdown voltage change voltage charge level voltage clamp voltage clamp electrodes voltage clamps voltage comparator voltage controlled amplifier voltage controlled amplifiers voltage controlled filter voltage controlled filters voltage controlled oscillator voltage controlled oscillators voltage controller voltage converters voltage dependent voltage divider voltage divider rule voltage dividers voltage division voltage doubler voltage drop voltage drops voltage feedback voltage follower voltage gated voltage gated calcium channels voltage gated ion channels voltage gated potassium channels voltage gated sodium channels voltage gradient voltage ladder voltage level shifter voltage multiplier voltage multipliers voltage reduction voltage reference voltage regulation voltage regulator voltage regulator tube voltage regulator tubes voltage regulators voltage sensitive dyes voltage source voltage sources voltage spike voltage spikes voltage stabilisers voltage stabilizer voltage stabilizers voltage standing wave ratio voltage summer voltage surges voltage to frequency converter voltage transformers voltage-activated calcium channels voltage-controlled amplifier voltage-controlled amplifiers voltage-controlled crystal oscillator voltage-controlled filter voltage-controlled filters voltage-controlled oscillator voltage-controlled oscillators voltage-dependent anion channel voltage-dependent anion channel 1 voltage-dependent calcium channel voltage-dependent calcium channels voltage-dependent gates voltage-dependent potassium channel voltage-dependent sodium channels voltage-dependent sodium ion channels voltage-follower stage voltage-gated calcium channel voltage-gated calcium channels voltage-gated channels voltage-gated currents voltage-gated ion channels voltage-gated ion conductances voltage-gated potassium channel voltage-gated potassium channels voltage-gated proton channels voltage-gated sodium channel voltage-gated sodium channels voltage-to-current converter voltage-to-frequency converters voltaic arc voltaic cell voltaic current voltaic electricity voltaic pile voltaic piles volume 1 volume 10 volume 2 volume 3 volume based concentration volume boot records volume control volume controlled volume data volume element volume entropy volume flow rate volume flow rates volume form volume fraction volume group volume groups volume growth volume holography volume integral volume invariants volume issues volume label volume level volume license volume license key volume license keys volume licensing volume magnetic susceptibilities volume magnetic susceptibility volume management volume manager volume managers volume measures volume nine of the light novels volume normalization volume of aid volume of distribution volume of revolution volume of the air volume one volume one plus volume overload volume pedal volume pedals volume percent volume ray casting volume register volume rendering volume serial number volume snapshot volume sources volume status volume swells volume testing volume twenty volume two volume units volume viscosity volumes one volumes or capacities of other orders of magnitude volumes that were torched volumetric efficiency volumetric energy density volumetric feeders volumetric flask volumetric flasks volumetric flow volumetric flow rate volumetric flow rates volumetric heat capacity volumetric lighting volumetric models volumetric sampling volumetric shading volumetric strains volumetric thermal expansion coefficient voluminous styles voluntarily crashing voluntarily dismissed voluntarily missing voluntarily-funded competitors voluntary act voluntary action voluntary administration voluntary agency voluntary aided voluntary aided school voluntary aided schools voluntary and involuntary voluntary association voluntary associations voluntary bankruptcy voluntary bill of indictment voluntary body decoration voluntary caregiver voluntary caregivers voluntary collaboration units voluntary collective licenses voluntary commitment voluntary communism voluntary controlled voluntary controlled school voluntary controlled schools voluntary enlistment voluntary euthanasia voluntary export quotas voluntary fire brigade voluntary fireman voluntary groupings voluntary groups voluntary hospital voluntary human extinction voluntary interruption of pregnancy voluntary liquidation voluntary manslaughter voluntary membership voluntary membership organisation voluntary military voluntary military service voluntary milking voluntary motor activity voluntary movement voluntary muscle voluntary muscles voluntary muscular voluntary mutual agreement voluntary or drafted non-military service voluntary organisation voluntary organization voluntary organizations voluntary poverty voluntary rating system voluntary redundancies voluntary redundancy voluntary retirement voluntary secondary school voluntary secondary schools voluntary sector voluntary sectors voluntary service voluntary servitude voluntary simplicity voluntary sport society voluntary sports society voluntary sterilization voluntary student association voluntary student unionism voluntary unionism voluntary voting systems voluntary welfare organisation voluntary work voluntas necandi volunteer ambulance volunteer armies volunteer army volunteer attorneys volunteer cavalry unit volunteer computing volunteer corps volunteer department volunteer error volunteer fire and rescue corporations volunteer fire company volunteer fire department volunteer fire departments volunteer fire fighters volunteer fire service volunteer fire station volunteer firefighter volunteer firefighters volunteer fireman volunteer firemen volunteer humanitarian missionaries volunteer militaries volunteer military volunteer militia volunteer movement volunteer organisations volunteer organization volunteer organizations volunteer plants. volunteer police volunteer search team volunteer service volunteer soldier volunteer soldiers volunteer storm spotters volunteer unit volunteer units volunteer vacation volunteer work volunteered to fight volute krater volute kraters volute spring volute springs vomer bone vomer mucosa vomer tissue vomerine teeth vomeronasal bulb vomeronasal cartilage vomeronasal organ vomeronasal organs of vomifoliol 4'-dehydrogenase vomilenine glucosyltransferase vomilenine reductase vomit bag vomit comet vomit fruit vomiting blood vomiting center vomiting centre von hippel-lindau syndrome von Öller von Östfelt voodoo doll voodoo dolls voodoo economics voodoo houngan voodoo pharmacology voodoo programming voodoo science voodoo spirit voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs vor v zakone vorpal sword vorpal swords vortex atom theory vortex banded mountain snail vortex breakdown vortex controllers vortex dynamics vortex generator vortex generators vortex lattice vortex lift vortex lines vortex manipulator vortex phase vortex portals vortex ring vortex ring state vortex ring toys vortex rings vortex shedding vortex street vortex theory vortex theory of gravity vortex tube vortex tubes vortex-unbinding transition vorticity equation vorticity tensor vorticity transport equation vorticose veins votable share vote absentee vote against vote allocation vote as the party leadership desires vote bank vote banks vote buying vote by phone vote by raising their hands vote censitaire vote count vote counting vote counting system vote counting systems vote directly vote for a new leader vote fraud vote held in parliament vote multiple times vote no confidence vote of "no confidence" vote of vote of confidence no confidence vote of no confidence vote of censure vote of confidence vote of no - confidence vote of no confidence vote of no confidence in the government vote of no-confidence vote of non-confidence vote of nonconfidence vote of the parliament vote of the people vote overwhelmingly vote pairing vote recounts vote rigging vote selling vote split vote splitting vote stuffing vote suppression vote swapping vote tactically vote theft vote to be held vote-counting machines voted against voted down voted for devolution voted for independency voted for it voted in voted into power voted no confidence voted on voted out voted to abolish apartheid voted to approve the new constitution voted to create two states voted to dissolve voted twice voter apathy voter campaigns voter choice voter contact voter database voter databases voter disenfranchisement voter fatigue voter file voter files voter fraud voter identification voter initiative voter intent voter intimidation voter model voter participation voter registration voter registration drive voter registration drives voter suppression voter turn-out voter turnout voter turnouts voter verified paper audit trail voter verified paper ballots voter volatility voter vouchers voter-verifiable paper ballot voter-verified permanent record voters initiative voters list voters rejected a draft constitution voters went to the polls votes for governor votes for women votes of confidence votes of no confidence votes of no-confidence voththu shaavige with ghasghase paayasa or kaayi haalu voting age voting along party lines voting and eligibility rights voting behavior voting behaviour voting bloc voting blocs voting booth voting booths voting centers voting circuit voting comparators voting compulsory voting computer voting controversies voting discipline voting disk voting district voting districts voting fraud voting games voting in a referendum voting in presidential elections voting irregularities voting irregularity voting is compulsory voting issue voting issues voting logic voting machine voting machine technologies voting machinery voting machines voting machiness voting method voting methods voting paradox voting power voting precinct voting precincts voting preferences voting protocols voting reform voting rights voting rights cases voting rights for women voting rights in presidential elections voting shares voting stock voting system voting system criteria voting system criterion voting systems voting systems criterion voting systems which create incentives to vote dishonestly voting technology voting theory voting to abolish sanctions voting trustee voting trusts voting units voting-trust certificate votive art votive balls votive candle votive candles votive deposit votive deposits votive double axe votive figure votive gift votive gifts votive mass votive object votive objects votive offering votive offerings votive office votive palette votive pools votive route votive sculptures votive site votive statues votive tablet votive tablets votthushaavige uppittu voucher method voucher privatisation voucher privatisations voucher privatization voucher schemes voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? vow of celibacy vow of celibacy. vow of chastity vow of poverty vow of silence vow renewals vowed never to consider vowel alternation vowel alternations vowel assimilation vowel backness vowel changes vowel chart vowel closeness vowel cluster vowel clusters vowel contrasts vowel diacritic vowel diagram vowel dimension vowel gradation vowel harmonical system vowel harmony vowel harmony type vowel height vowel heights vowel length vowel lengthening vowel lengths vowel marks vowel melody vowel merger vowel mergers vowel mutation vowel nasality vowel phonemes vowel pointing vowel pointing systems vowel points vowel quality vowel quantity vowel raising vowel reduction vowel roundedness vowel shift vowel shifts vowel signs vowel sounds vowel space vowel split vowel stem vowel stem verb vowel stress vowel system vowel-alternating verbs vows of celibacy vows of chastity and poverty vows of poverty vows of poverty and toil vows of poverty, chastity, piety, and obedience vows of religion vows of silence vox humana vox organ vox pop vox pops vox populi vox populi vox dei vox populi, vox dei voxel technology voxel-based morphometry voyage around the world voyage data recorder voyage of discovery voyage planning voyage round the world voyages and travel voyages of discovery voyaging canoe voyaging methods voyeur poems vriddhi derivation vues perspectives vulcan cannon vulcan cannons vulcan gun vulcan guns vulcanic events vulcanised rubber vulcanization of rubber vulcanize rubber vulcanized rubber vulgar comic series vulgar connotations vulgar epithet vulgar fraction vulgar fractions vulgar language vulgar magic vulgar materialism vulgar sociologism vulgar tongue vulgar tongues vulgar word vulgar words vulgarity and violence vulgate source vulgate version vulnerability analysis vulnerability and finitude vulnerability assessment vulnerability management vulnerability markets vulnerability research vulnerability scanner vulnerability scanners vulnerability scanning vulnerability vector vulnerable plaque vulnerable plaques vulnerable species vulnerable taxon vulnerable to extinction vulture bees vulture capitalists vulture funds vulture soldiers vulval anesthesia vulval vestibule vulvar cancer vulvar carcinoma vulvar dysplasia vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia vulvovaginal disorders vulvovaginal health vying game vzor 36 véres hurka völkisch ideology völkisch movement völkisch movements völkisch right völkische movement vāmadeva gautama vāyu - air w-hydroxydecanoate dehydrogenase wHiTe wAter wa shogi waalrrasikhoona fee alAAilmi waardenburg syndrome wabi sabi wabun code wacky cake wacky comedy wacky neighbor wacky weed wada pavs wadcutter target bullets wading bird wading birds wading pool wading pools wadjet eye wael gomaa wafer backgrinding wafer dicing wafer fabrication wafer forge wafer inspection wafer prober wafer scale integration wafer sort wafer substrate wafer testing wafer tumbler lock waffle cone waffle cones waffle iron waffle irons waffle maker waffle potato fries wag the dog wage adjustment wage and hour wage and price controls wage bargaining wage cap wage controls wage curve wage discrimination wage disparity wage dispersion wage earners wage fixing wage floors wage freezes wage fund doctrine wage gap wage garnishment wage increases wage indexing wage justice wage labor wage laborer wage laborers wage labour wage rate wage rates wage regulation wage restraint wage scales wage share wage slave wage slavery wage slaves wage spiral wage statistics wage system wage tax wage taxes wage war waged a guerrilla campaign waged a war waged war wager of battle wager over how the price of metals would move wagering excise taxes wages are sticky waggle dance waggle dances waging a crusade waging the war wagon builder wagon ferry wagon forts wagon master wagon road wagon style wheel wagon train wagon trains wagon turntable wagon wheel wagon wheel effect wagon wheels wagon-wheel effect wah effect wah pedal wah pedals wah wah wah wah guitar wah wah pedal wah wah pedals wah-drenched pseudo-funk music wah-drenched pseudo-funk sound wah-wah pedal wah-wah pedals wahdat al-wujud wahdat al-wujūd wahdat ul-wujud wahi and ilham wai khru wai wai wainscot moth waisheng ren waist cincher waist gunner waist harness waist shot waist to hip ratio waist training waist-hip ratio waist-hip ratio of 0.7 waist-level finder waist-level finders waist-lifted side slam waist-to-hip ratio waistline of clothing operating system wait a certain number of seconds wait and see wait for a gun wait loops wait staff wait state wait states wait time wait-for graph wait-weight merger wait-weight split waited tables waited too long waiting clubs waiting facilities waiting in line waiting list waiting lists waiting maid waiting period waiting room waiting rooms waiting staff waiting station waiting tables waits tables waiver from a promise of confidentiality waiver from confidentiality waiver rights waiver rules waiver wire wajahat the king waka ama waka jumping waka music waka musician waka poems waka poet waka poetry waka taua waka writers wakaba mark wake boarding wake ceremony wake turbulence wake up wake vortex wake wash wake-initiated lucid dream technique wakeboard manufacturers wakes up wakes week waking consciousness waking dream waking dreams waking state waking up in the morning waldorf school waler horse waler horses walf tv walia ibex walk across hot coals walk and talk walk and talks walk backward walk cycles walk in closets walk in space walk of shame walk off walk off home run walk off home runs walk on walk on hot coals walk on the moon walk on two legs walk on water walk or run on their toes walk out walk over walk per nine innings walk percentage walk pirouette walk the beat walk the plank walk to school campaign walk to school data walk upright walk-in agent walk-in centers walk-in centre walk-in clinic walk-off blast walk-off grand slam walk-off hit walk-off home run walk-off home runs walk-off homer walk-over victory walk-to-strikeout ratio walk-up music walkable communities walkable community walked intentionally walked naked walked on walked on flat feet walked on his hands walked onto walked out walked the bounds walked the earth walkie talkie walkie talkies walking and cycling track walking as a leisure activity walking barefoot on burning coals walking bass walking bass line walking bassline walking beam engine walking beam pump walking braces walking bridge walking bus walking cane walking canes walking catfish walking catfishes walking club walking day walking days walking dead walking epidurals walking fire walking floor walking frame walking frames walking games walking ghost walking ghost phase walking him intentionally walking holidays walking legs walking machine walking marathons walking march walking marriage