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I say that my Japanese level is ja-0 because I haven't gotten a chance to try and learn Japanese yet so I have limited grammatical knowledge and cannot read many characters yet. As for the Irish and French, The French is probably alright but I decided on ga-2 because I don't feel I have an advanced level of Irish because TBH if you ask me [and this is not just my opinion] the system of teaching Irish in Ireland is fucked up.

Hi my name's Aaron and I was born in & I live in Ireland. Right now I'm 19 and on summer break from my first year of university. My native language is English, I studied French in school and I may try to teach myself some Japanese sometime. I suppose my interest in Japanese comes mainly from the fact that I am an anime and manga fan/enthusiast. I have a "pocket" Collins English-Japanese dictionary. As for my scripts I can manage to read most Russian words but I still have a few letters to get to grips with. I would not be very confident with Greek as I may have some misconceptions since I judged "what reads as what" from the layout of a QWERTY keyboard and which key I had to press to get a given letter.

my edit count Seems to be working now but I wonder if that'll last... Broken again...whoopdie freakin doo..

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  1. A Wiktionary user interested mainly in creating and editing Japanese articles

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Because of how quickly an article might be created/deleted here this may never be 100% accurate for more than minute.

French Wiktionary

As of now (see signature for time) the French are about 61,607 entries ahead of us I would be ecstatic if we got ahead of them (this is not meant to be totally serious though) so to all fellow Wiktionarians 頑張れ!(It means do your best![with whatever you are working at on Wiktionary])--50 Xylophone Players talk 15:00, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

I'll probably blank this update list whenever it has 10 updates.

1,743,840:1,780,058 En:Fr diff. of 36,218. 50 Xylophone Players talk 18:59, 8 June 2010 (UTC)


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Text to plunder

Here is some text from the French Wiktionary's main page with links to highlight some things that neither we nor they have as yet. Anyone is welcome to create these entries as I am not doing much work with French on Wiktionary at the moment.

A little note to make: some of the words that will be listed here (under the very next header on this page) are actually words which the French are highlighting daily to get people to improve the entries for them.

A list of words

N.B. All unstriked blulinks in these columns are possibly French words that have no French sections.

From the main page

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