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WBW (plural WBW or WBWs)

  1. Abbreviation of womyn-born-womyn: woman-born-woman.
    • 2001 March 6, Suzan Cooke, Woman Born Transsexual: A Post Transsexual Manifesto, alt.support.srs, Usenet:
      When WBWs claim they are women because of their girlhood's[sic] the WBT can point to her trannie childhood and say []
    • 2008, The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival →ISBN, page 54:
      Over the past years, we have ignored death threats as we choose to stand for sacred space for WBW and girls.
    • 2012, Lesbian Communities: Festivals, RVs, and the Internet, page 122:
      This pub is only open to WBW and their companion animals.