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(Star) Wars + -ie


Warsie (plural Warsies)

  1. (fandom slang) A fan of the Star Wars films and/or media franchise.
    • 1999, Kevin Pacheco Cheney, "I DOUBT THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO LIVE UP TO ALL ITS HYPE", The Spokesman-Review, 17 May 1999:
      Actually I'd like to pit some Warsies against some Trekkies in an MTV (claymation) Death Match.
    • 2003, Frank Plowright, The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide, Slings & Arrows (2003), →ISBN, page 125:
      Pompous sentimental muck well worthy of George Lucas himself. For Warsies only.
    • 2012, Joseph Santiago & Lina Clark, Life by Association: Getting Furry[1], →ISBN, page 165:
      But, only if those movies are “Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars” (Ep. 3 - 6 only, mind you - the first three are a bad dream for most Warsies, after all), []