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Corruption of Welsh rabbit.

First attested by Francis Grose in A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue in 1785; he erroneously marked Welsh rabbit as a corruption (inverting the historical order); this idea may have originated with him, or been widespread at the time.[1]


Either identically to rabbit, or as rare-bit.


Welsh rarebit (countable and uncountable, plural Welsh rarebits)

  1. A dish of cheese melted with a little ale and served on toast.
    • 1956, Delano Ames, chapter 25, in Crime out of Mind[1]:
      Afterwards there was apple-pie and cream and a welsh rarebit. Peregrine said it was almost up to prison fare.

Usage notes[edit]

Some object to the use of the term “Welsh rarebit” as a foolish error, and prefer Welsh rabbit.[2]


Derived terms[edit]



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