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Other languages with limited online documentation

The following are considered to be other languages with limited online documentation as provided on the Criteria for inclusion page (living languages unless specified otherwise):

  1. languages of the Americas (including the Caribbean), Australia and Oceania (excluding European languages having an official national status in Europe,* and Tagalog);
  2. languages of Europe not having an official national status, including the extinct language Dacian (excluding Basque and Scots);
  3. the North Caucasian languages; the Kartvelian languages (excluding Georgian); Kven Finnish; and Meänkieli;
  4. the following languages of Africa: Amharic, Khoisan languages, Wide Grassfields languages, and Zarma;
  5. the Andamanese languages; the Dravidian languages (excluding Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu); Assamese; Kokborok; Lepcha; Maldivian; Meitei; Mizo; and Sinhalese;
  6. Äynu, Shaozhou Tuhua and the Tibetan languages; and
  7. the Formosan languages and languages of Southeast Asia (excluding Cantonese, Indonesian, Malay, Standard Mandarin, Thai (tha) and Vietnamese).
* Thus, while Dutch is the official language of Suriname, because Dutch is a European language with official national status in the Netherlands, it does not qualify. This applies similarly to languages such as English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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