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Trade name, derived from window.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A window cleaner containing detergent and ammonia.



Windex (third-person singular simple present Windexes, present participle Windexing, simple past and past participle Windexed)

  1. To clean (a glass surface) using a cleaning product of this kind.
    • 1985, Bharati Mukherjee, “Visitors” in Darkness, Markham, Ontario: Penguin Books Canada, p. 164,[1]
      But if change has come into her life as Mrs Sailen Kumar, it has seeped in so gradually that she can’t fix it with one admiring stare when she Windexes toothpaste flecks off the bathroom mirror.
    • 1987, Armistead Maupin, Significant Others, New York: Harper & Row, “Descent into Heaven,” p. 11,[2]
      Back on the twenty-third floor, he found Nguyet Windexing the kitchen window with what appeared to be the last of the paper towels.
    • 1995, John Keene, Annotations, New York: New Directions, “Theses, Antitheses, A Welter of Theories,” p. 56,[3]
      Often the ground glared back as would a freshly Windexed mirror, so that when he fell, breaking what the doctor termed a “coccyx,” seven years of bad luck became part of the bargain.