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acidophile ‎(plural acidophiles)

  1. an organism that lives and thrives under acidic conditions; a form of extremophile
    • 2000 - Edwards KJ, Bond PL, Gihring TM, Banfield JF. An archaeal iron-oxidizing extreme acidophile important in acid mine drainage. Science 287(5459), pages1796-1799, PMID 10710303:
      The presence of this and other closely related Thermoplasmales suggests that these acidophiles are important contributors to acid mine drainage and may substantially impact iron and sulfur cycles.
  2. a plant that will thrive in relatively acid soil
    • unknown - Unknown author. FORMATION OF PEATS: Type of Vegetation. Retrieved 2005-03-13:
      Examples of acid vegetation include specific plant associations dominated by heath, sphagnum moss and many other acidophile plants.

Derived terms[edit]