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advance person (plural advance persons)

  1. Someone who travels to a destination in order to arrange accommodation, meetings, security, etc. for one or more celebrities, politicians, business leaders, or other public figures who will arrive subsequently.
    • 1992, "The Art Of The Advance," Newsweek, 27 Sept.:
      It was a stretch for even the most resourceful advance person: a 3:30 a.m. airport rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Election Day 1988. The event was part of Michael Dukakis's last campaign trip.
    • 2004, Susan H. Kahn, "Running on adrenaline and cellphones," Cleveland Jewish News (USA), 7 Oct. (retrieved 7 Sep. 2010):
      What an advance person does, she explains, is find venues for rallies, build the crowd, and create the visuals.


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