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advergence (uncountable)

  1. (biology) The evolution of a mimic to resemble its model more closely
  2. (linguistics) The evolution of a dialect to resemble the standard language more closely
    • 2005, Nicole Delbecque, ‎Johan van der Auwera, ‎Dirk Geeraerts, Perspectives on Variation (page 25)
      The main process in regiolect formation is dialect-to-standard advergence, but there are two caveats to this statement.
    • 2010, Peter Auer, ‎Jürgen Erich Schmidt, Theories and Methods (page 290)
      Horizontal convergence that causes divergence in a part of a formerly uniform dialect area can be, and often is, accompanied by vertical convergence, i.e., by advergence to the standard language.

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