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air-to-air (not comparable)

  1. (aviation, of an act or action) With the participants being two or more aircraft in flight.
    • 2021 March 10, Drachinifel, Guadalcanal Campaign - The Big Night Battle: Night 1 (IJN 3(?) : 2 USN)[1], archived from the original on 17 October 2022, retrieved 6 November 2022, 5:50 from the start:
      The attack also afforded Helena to a front-seat view of literal air-to-air melee combat, as one Wildcat pilot of the Cactus Air Force, who was swooping in to help break up the attack, found himself out of machine-gun ammo; instead, he dropped his landing gear, positioned himself above the nearest bomber, and begun beating it to death, in midair, using his landing gear as clubs. After a bit of evasive action that the fighter easily kept up with, the repeated slamming broke something important, and the bomber spiralled down into the sea.
  2. (aviation, military, of a missile) Fired from an aircraft in flight at another one.


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