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From Old French aisié (eased), past participle of aisier (to put at ease). More at easy.



aisé (feminine aisée, masculine plural aisés, feminine plural aisées)

  1. easy to do, with ease, simple, effortless
    Il est aisé de participer.
    It is easy to take part.
    Une lettre qui n’est pas aisée à lire.
    A letter which is not easy to read.
  2. wealthy, with no money problems, affluent, prosperous, on easy street, in easy circumstances
    Dans ce quartier ne vivent que des familles aisés.
    Only wealthy families live in this area.
  3. smooth, fluid (about a movement or a conversation)
  4. (obsolete, of clothes or shoes) loose, big
    Ces souliers sont trop aisés: ils sont trop larges et ne serrent pas assez le pied.
    These shoes are too big: they're too wide and not tight enough around the foot.

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