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Etymology 1[edit]

From a- +‎ line, possibly from Middle English alinen (copulate), Middle French aligner.


aline (third-person singular simple present alines, present participle alining, simple past and past participle alined)

  1. Obsolete form of align. or misspelling
    • 1963, US National Bureau of Standards, (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1] (Science), digitized edition, US Govt. Printing Office, published 2005, page 69:
      Nuclear Orientation. Studies made of the photoneutron cross section in the region of the giant resonance, using an alined holmium target, directly confirmed the theory that this cross section is associated with the two axes of the deformed nucleus.
    • 1975, Royal Society, Mathematical and Physical Sciences[2] (Mathematics), Royal Society of London, page 167:
      Field-alined electron intensities were not found in the low-altitude signature of the plasma sheet.
    • 1977, Joint Publications Research Service, Translations on Sub-Saharan Africa[3], page 34:
      The first item to be studied is the present status of the technical development of radio and television in the non-alined countries.

Etymology 2[edit]

From Middle English aline (in line)


aline (comparative more aline, superlative most aline)

  1. In line
    • 1591, William Shakespeare, King Henry VI - Part II:
      Nay looke you, I know twas true, For his father built a chimney in my fathers house, And the brickes are aline at this day to testifie.
    • 1906, The Brickbuilder - Volume 15, page 169:
      The small stable with its accommodations for a horse and cow and two carriages is placed aline with the house.
    • 1938, The China Journal - Volume 28, page 264:
      The two main masts are aline amidships, while the two mizzen masts are astern and placed in line with the rudder post.
    • 2007, Anita Banerjee & ‎B.K.Chakravarti, House-Keeping Management In Hotels , page 18:
      dressing all aline.
Derived terms[edit]


Middle English[edit]


a- +‎ line.



  1. In (a straight) line.
    • c. 1400, Chaucer
      Drawe a strike euene a lyne fro the pyn vnto the myddel pricke.
      Draw a strike even aline from the pin unto the middle prick.


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