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in line (comparative more in line, superlative most in line)

  1. (idiomatic) Suitable or appropriate; keeping with expectations, norms, ideals, or rules.
    • 2006, "Garden Superheroes," Garden Gate, Jan/Feb 2006, Issue 67, p.45
      "[Plant] rescues are usually organized by local garden clubs, but before you grab your shovel and head for the door, check with local government agencies to make sure you're in line with regulations."
  2. (of three or more objects) Positioned in a straight line.
    Please stand in line for the pledge of allegiance.
  3. (not comparable) assuming a position in the future.
    He's third in line to be president.
    He's in line to be the fastest runner of all time.
    He's in line to be the next champion.


  • (on a queue, waiting one's turn): on line (New York City)



in line (not comparable)

  1. one behind another; in a queue
    I'm waiting in line at the bakery.