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Borrowing from French


animalier (plural animaliers)

  1. An artist who depicts animals.
    • 2004, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bulletin of Victoria - Issues 44-47, page 13:
      Critics and public alike had naturally begged the question of Fremiets relationship to the leading animalier sculptor of his day, Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875). Fremiet, however, was determined not to be typecast as just an animalier artist.
    • 2006, ‎Teresa A. Carbone, ‎Barbara Dayer Gallati, American paintings in the Brooklyn Museum: artists born by 1876, page 991:
      Chadwick Thayer had already achieved a local reputation as an animalier when he executed this portrait of the Yorkshire terrier belonging to the Reverend John White Chadwick, who was the pastor of the Second Unitarian Church in Brooklyn (which the Thayer family attended) and who officiated at Thayer's marriage in June 1875.
    • 2007, Jesse Donahue, ‎Erik Trump, Political Animals: Public Art in American Zoos and Aquariums, →ISBN, page 26:
      He observed that unlike humans, animals never willingly posed, which meant that an animalier had to be "an earnest student of anatomy" or he could not accurately portray his subjects.




From animal +‎ -ier.


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animalier (feminine singular animalière, masculine plural animaliers, feminine plural animalières)

  1. (attributive) animal, wildlife


animalier m (plural animaliers)

  1. An artist who draws or sculpts animals, wildlife artist

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