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From Middle Low German ansprake (address; polite and formal approach), related to German Ansprache, equivalent to an- +‎ språk. Compare Danish ansprog, Dutch aanspraak, German Anspruch.


  • IPA(key): /²anˌsproːk/
  • (file)


anspråk n

  1. a claim (laying claim to, for example ownership, authorship, a right, or a title)
    De gör anspråk på marken
    They claim the land
  2. (figurative, in some expressions) to take up, to use up, "to lay claim to"
    ta någons tid i anspråk
    take up someone's time ("lay claim to someone's time")
    Arbetet tog alla hans krafter i anspråk
    The work used up all his strength ("laid claim to all his strength")

Usage notes[edit]

  • For the verb form lay claim to / claim, use göra anspråk på, see göra anspråk .
  • For the verb form harness (put to use), use ta i anspråk, see ta i anspråk.


Declension of anspråk 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative anspråk anspråket anspråk anspråken
Genitive anspråks anspråkets anspråks anspråkens

Derived terms[edit]