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antinovel +‎ -ist or anti- +‎ novelist


antinovelist (plural antinovelists)

  1. (literature) A writer of antinovels.
    • 1995, Dennis Porter, Rousseau's legacy: emergence and eclipse of the writer in France
      The difference between a modern novelist like Roth and an eighteenth-century moralist and antinovelist like Rousseau []
    • 1997, Margaret Anne Doody, The True Story of the Novel:
      But for Augustine, as for the harsher Puritans who followed him, there is no real point in saying what some humanist antinovelists very much wished to say []
    • 2000, Roger Shattuck, Candor and perversion: literature, education, and the arts:
      At no point in her writing does Mary Lee Settle become an antinovelist or a player of literary games.