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A compounding in English of the Ancient Greek ἀ- (a-) (a-, alpha privative) + πνευµατικός (pneuµatikós, spiritual), from πνεῦµα (pneûµa, spirit).



apneumatic (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Devoid of air; free from air, or effected by or with exclusion of air.
    an apneumatic lung
    an apneumatic operation
  2. (rare) Of or pertaining to the nonexistence of soul or spirit; non-spiritual.


  • Apneumatic, a.” listed on page 386 of volume I (A–B) of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles [1st ed., 1885]
      Apneumatic (æpniumæ·tik), a.rare — ¹. [f. Gr. priv. + πνευµατικ-ός spiritual, f. πνευµατ- (πνεῦµα) spirit.] Of or pertaining to the non-existence of soul or spirit; non-spiritual. [¶] 1864 Brevior Two Worlds 25 The apneumatic theory of Dr. Rogers.
  • apneumatic, a.” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary [2nd ed., 1989]