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Probably via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Ancient Greek Ἀρμένιος (Arménios), from Ἀρμενία (Armenía) (early 5th century BC), from Old Persian 𐎠𐎼𐎷𐎡𐎴 (Armina) (late 6th century BC) (q.v.).



armēnis m (2nd declension, feminine form: armēniete)

  1. an Armenian man, a man born in Armenia or of Armenian descent
    toreiz es vēl biju jauns un karsts kā visi armēņi — back then I was young and hot (= emotional) like all Armenians
    zooparkā pie pērtiķu krātiņa stāv un strīdās armēnis un gruzīns — in the zoo, an Armenian and a Georgian are discussing at the monkey cage
  2. (genitive plural) Armenian; pertaining to Armenia and its people
    armēņu valoda — the Armenian language
    armēņu alfabēts — the Armenian alphabet
    armēņu literatūraArmenian literature
    armēņu nacionālā kultūraArmenian national culture


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