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Alternative forms[edit]


From earlier aread, arede, from Middle English areden, from Old English ārēdan, ārǣdan ‎(to appoint, prepare; arrange, settle, decide; guess, prophesy, interpret, utter; read, read out, read to), from Proto-Germanic *uzrēdaną ‎(to guess), equivalent to a- +‎ read. Cognate with German erraten ‎(to guess), Gothic 𐌿𐍂𐍂𐌴𐌳𐌰𐌽 ‎(urrēdan, to contrive, discriminate).


arread ‎(third-person singular simple present arreads, present participle arreading, simple past and past participle arread)

  1. (transitive) To declare; tell; interpret; explain.
    • 1808, The cabinet of poetry:
      But mark what I arread thee now. Avaunt; [...]
    • 1822, The Works of the British poets, with lives of the authors - Volume 34 - Page 144:
      His hall resounds!―amaz'd the stranger wight Arreads it all as done to him in fell despight.
    • 1825, William Hazlitt, Select poets of Great Britain:
      Nothing but mirth can conquer fortune's spite; No sky is heavy, if the heart be light: Patience is sorrow's salve; what can't be cur'd, So Donald right arreads, must be endur'd.
  2. (transitive) To counsel; advise; direct; teach.
    • 1850, William Hamilton (of Bangour), The poems and songs of William Hamilton of Bangour:
      My tongue shall speak but what my heart arreads, Nor varnish use to blacken more thy deeds; [...]
  3. (transitive) To guess; conjecture.
    • 1831, Henry Rich, The daughter of Herodias:
      Soldier, I come. But, ere we part, I will arread thy doom, Proud ruthless woman!
    • 1872, Alexander Balloch Grosart, Miscellanies of The Fuller Worthies' Library:
      Now, good Christe arread, and gesse whoe gaue thee the buffet?
  4. (transitive) To read.
    • 1971, James T. Boulton, Samuel Johnson's Taxation No Tyranny:
      You arread me aright.


arread ‎(plural arreads)

  1. Advice; discourse; narration.




  1. (Spain) Informal second-person plural (vosotros or vosotras) affirmative imperative form of arrear.