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From Middle English asquint, asquynt, asqweynt, equivalent to a- (on, at) +‎ a word related to Dutch schuinte (tilt, slant, slope), Saterland Frisian Schüünte (slope, slant), West Frisian skeante (slope, slant), German Low German Schüünte (angle, slant, slope, pitch). Compare also Middle English askoin, askoyn, of skwyn (on a slant, askance), Dutch schuin (oblique, slanting, sloping), West Frisian skean (oblique, slanting, sloping), German Low German schüün (slanting), Norwegian skeina (to move obliquely).



asquint (not comparable)

  1. Looking sideways, as though warily.
    Eyes asquint, he saw she was driving much too fast.


asquint (not comparable)

  1. With narrowed eyes.
    • 1832Edgar Allan Poe, Loss of Breath
      It is not to be supposed, however, that in the delivery of such passages I was found at all deficient in the looking asquint—the showing my teeth—the working my knees—the shuffling my feet—or in any of those unmentionable graces which are now justly considered the characteristics of a popular performe

Derived terms[edit]