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From Latin aurifer (gold-bearing) + the English suffix -ous. The Latin term in turn derived from aurum (gold) + ferō (I carry).



auriferous (comparative more auriferous, superlative most auriferous)

  1. Containing or producing gold; gold-bearing.
    • 1727, James Thomson, “Summer”, in The Seasons, London: [] A[ndrew] Millar, and sold by Thomas Cadell, [], published 1768, OCLC 642619686, lines 646–648, pages 70–71:
      Rocks rich in gems, and mountains big with mines, / That on the high equator ridgy riſe, / Whence many a burſting ſtream auriferous plays: [...]
    • 1854, Carl Friedrich Plattner, Sheridan Muspratt, The Use of the Blowpipe in the Qualitative and Quantitative Examination of Minerals, Ores, Furnace Products, and Other Metallic Combinations:
      To these [compounds] belong native gold, alloys of gold and silver, and the argentiferous gold, or auriferous silver, obtained from the assayings of auriferous minerals and ores.
    • 1887, R. A. Murray, Victoria. Geology and Physical Geography, page 126:
      In some places, however, quartz reefs, payably auriferous while in Silurian rock, have been followed down to subjacent granite, and have there been found to thin out and become unprofitable [...]


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