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Alternative forms[edit]


babe +‎ -licious


babealicious (comparative more babealicious, superlative most babealicious)

  1. (informal) Sexually attractive, like a babe.
    • 2001, Elizabeth Lenhard, Constance M Burge, Soul of the Bride
      "So much for my big after-the-shoot plans with Nikos," Phoebe said morosely, poking at her honey's babealicious but inert body.
    • 2004, Carrie Gerlach, Carrie Cecil, Emily's reasons why not
      I look back at the babealicious guy and he's smiling at me, giving me a knowing nod.
    • 2005, Curt Sampson, The Lost Masters: grace and disgrace in '68
      But the best proof of the pleasing side of his personality was how he smiled and talked his way into the arms of a babealicious TWA flight attendant...
    • 2007, David Steinberg, The Book of David
      [] an international scouting trip to find babealicious racks for the SI swimsuit issue []