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Etymology 1[edit]

see baer


baere m

  1. nominative plural of baer

Etymology 2[edit]

Proto-Indo-European *bʰer-, cognate to English bear


baere n

  1. carrying, bearing, giving birth



  1. to carry, bear, give birth
Irregular conjugation (Montfortian)
Present SV Past SV Present VS Past VS Subjunctive SV Subjunctive VS
First person singular ich baer ich boor bèr ich boor ich ich baere baere-n ich
Second person singular doe bèrs doe boors bèrs se boors se doe baere bèrrer-doe
Third person singular dae bèrtj dae boor bèrtj'r boor d'r dae baere bèrrer-dae
First person plural weer baere weer bore bèrtj v'r boortj v'r weer baere bèrre v'r
Second person plural geer baertj geer boortj baertj g'r boortj g'r geer baere bèrretj g'r
Third person plural die baere die bore baere die bore die die baere bèrrer-die
Other: Infinitive Gerund Present particle Past particle Adjective Adverb
Conjugation: (tö) baere 't baere n baerendj zeen gebaore gebaore(-n/r/s) gebaorelik
Other: Noun Imperative singular impolite Imperative singular polite Imperative dual Imperative plural Ènkelzief
Conjugation: 't gebèr n baer! bèrtj! bèr! baertj! baerem