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Unknown, possibly from the early English drink of wine mixed with beer or water or other substances that was sold cheaply.[1]


  • IPA(key): /ˈbɔːldə.dæʃ/


balderdash (uncountable)

  1. senseless talk or writing; nonsense.
    • 1992 April 26, "Hot Off the Press" Jeeves and Wooster, Series 3, Episode 5:
      A. Fink-Nottle: But it's absolute balderdash, Bertie. I mean, listen to this: "Sure and begorrah, I don't know what's after being the matter with you, Michael." I mean, what on earth is this "what's after being" stuff mean?
      B.W. Wooster: My dear old Gussie, that is how people think Irish people talk.
  2. (archaic) A worthless mixture, especially of liquors.
    • Taylor (Drink and Welcome)
      Indeed beer, by a mixture of wine, hath lost both name and nature, and is called balderdash.
  3. (obsolete) obscene language or writing.




balderdash (third-person singular simple present balderdashes, present participle balderdashing, simple past and past participle balderdashed)

  1. (archaic) To mix or adulterate.
    • Smollett
      The wine merchants of Nice brew and balderdash, and even mix it with pigeon's dung and quicklime.


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