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From Tagalog balikbayan, from balik (to return) + bayan (home country).


balikbayan (plural balikbayans)

  1. (Philippines) A Filipino returning to the Philippines after spending time in another country. [from 20th c.]
    • 1990, Conrado De Quiros, Flowers from the rubble, page 139:
      It's the time of year when balikbayans descend upon us in droves Ito remind us of how benighted we are.
    • 2011, Philippine Daily Inquirer, (headline), 12 July:
      2 balikbayans kidnapped in Zamboanga City.
    • 2015, Elaine Marie Carbonell Laforteza, The Somatechnics of Whiteness and Race, page 132:
      This dual citizenship enables him to return to the Philippines as a balikbayan.