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A barouche.


From dialectal German Barutsche, from Italian baroccio, from Late Latin *birotium, from Latin birotus (chariot), from bi- (two) + rota (wheel). The spelling was altered in English as if the word had come from French. Doublet of britchka.



barouche (plural barouches)

  1. (vehicles) A four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with collapsible half-hood, two double seats facing each other, and an outside seat for the driver.
    • 1853, Charles Dickens, Bleak House, ch 5:
      ... all the other children got up behind the barouche and fell off, and we saw them, with great concern, scattered over the surface of Thavies Inn as we rolled out of its precincts.
    • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 3:
      Day was drooping on a fine evening in March as a brown barouche passed through the wrought-iron gates of Hare-Hatch House on to the open highway.
    • 1969 Anita Leslie, Lady Randolph Churchill, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, page 288:
      "Of course I was eager to put her affairs in order," George told my father, "but I found it a bit thick when expected to pay for Lord Randolph Churchill's barouche purchased in the ' 80s."