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basketball +‎ -er


basketballer (plural basketballers)

  1. (informal) A basketball player; a person who plays basketball.
    • 1967, Greyson Daughtrey, Methods in Physical Education and Health for Secondary Schools, page 73:
      In fact the latter are likely to develop muscles of the kind and strength that may even be a handicap to the Nth degree basketballer.
    • 2000, Bob Mierisch, On the Level: Striving for Openness to Build Corporate Strength, page 72:
      For the basketballer on the court, it expresses itself in individual play: running, passing, defending, shooting for goal.
    • 2004, Paul Harding, Iceland, page 190:
      The most famous sportsman rumoured to come for a round here was basketballer Michael Jordan, who flew in just for the midnight golf experience.

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