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battle +‎ space


battlespace (plural battlespaces)

  1. (military) The conditions of battle, including terrain, weather, infrastructure, etc., considered in a unified military strategy to integrate and combine armed forces for the military theatre of operations.
    • 1993, Armor, page 51:
      The battlespace labs will determine the best ways for armored and infantry forces to take advantage of time, distance, and space on battlefields.
    • 1994, Military Review, volume 74, number 11, Command and General Staff School, page 22:
      In the physical sense, battlespace is that volume determined by the maximum capabilities of a unit to acquire and engage the enemy–capabilities which will be greatly expanded by future technology.
    • 2002, Paul M. Maniscalco, Understanding Terrorism and Managing the Consequences, page 188:
      These elements are now called battlespaces to incorporate the fourth element of information warfare. In essence, cyberspace is formally recognized as permeating all DoD battlespaces.

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