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beige +‎ -ist, coined by writer Mark Ames


beigeist (plural beigeists)

  1. (nonstandard, subculture) A sellout; a conformist to bourgeois or corporate mediocracy.
    • 1999 June, Mark Ames, “Arrest Michael McFaul”, the eXile, issue 11
      Somewhere in the cruise-control synapses of McFaul's beigeist brain, he senses that his arrest and trial is a real possibility.
    • 2003+, Johnny Loftus, review of “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw, All Music Guide
      Gavin DeGraw's J Records debut is a strong showcase for his soulful wail and piano playing, even if it's occasionally grayed out by bells-and-whistles production that pushes it too strongly toward beigeist AAA accessibility.
    • 2005 May, Marianne M. Jennings, “Beige is not better”, Jewish World Review
      Beigeists exist only to rein in those who disagree with leftists. The flaw in being a Beigeist is the assumption that beige is better.... A coup by the Beigeists would mean no decisions, no bottom lines, no criticisms, and no unwavering principles.... Colorful nonconformists frighten Beigeists.

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