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benevolentia f (genitive benevolentiae); first declension

  1. kindness


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative benevolentia benevolentiae
genitive benevolentiae benevolentiārum
dative benevolentiae benevolentiīs
accusative benevolentiam benevolentiās
ablative benevolentiā benevolentiīs
vocative benevolentia benevolentiae



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    • to be well-disposed towards..: benevolentiam habere erga aliquem
    • to find favour with some one; to get into their good graces: benevolentiam, favorem, voluntatem alicuius sibi conciliare or colligere (ex aliqua re)
    • to show kindness to..: benevolentiam alicui praestare, in aliquem conferre
    • to show kindness to..: benevolentia aliquem complecti or prosequi