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From bene ‎(well) + volēns ‎(wishing). Literally meaning "well wishing". Compare the Icelandic vilja vel ‎(to wish well).



benevolēns m, f, n ‎(genitive benevolentis); third declension

  1. kind, wishing well, benevolent, friendly, with a kind heart, propitious, favorable
    Ero benevolens.
    I'll be kind.
    Benevolentes inter se.
    Friendly to each other.
  2. (substantive) a friend, a well-wisher, someone of a kind heart
    Alicui amicus et benevolens.
    A friend and well-wisher to some.


Third declension, neuter nominative singular like masculine/feminine.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative benevolēns benevolēns benevolentēs benevolentia
genitive benevolentis benevolentis benevolentium benevolentium
dative benevolentī benevolentī benevolentibus benevolentibus
accusative benevolentem benevolēns benevolentēs benevolentia
ablative benevolentī benevolentī benevolentibus benevolentibus
vocative benevolēns benevolēns benevolentēs benevolentia

Usage notes[edit]