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From indulgēns +‎ -ia.



indulgentia f (genitive indulgentiae); first declension

  1. leniency, concession, pardon
    Synonyms: amnēstia, oblīviō, remissiō, venia
  2. indulgence, gentleness, complaisance, tenderness, fondness, kindness
    Synonyms: lēnitās, beneficium, misericordia, pietās, cōmitās, benignitās, benevolentia, venia
    Antonyms: ferōcitās, crūdēlitās, sevēritās, asperitās
  3. (Ecclesiastical Latin) indulgence, remission
    Synonym: laxāmentum



First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative indulgentia indulgentiae
Genitive indulgentiae indulgentiārum
Dative indulgentiae indulgentiīs
Accusative indulgentiam indulgentiās
Ablative indulgentiā indulgentiīs
Vocative indulgentia indulgentiae




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