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From Middle English bloded, equivalent to blood +‎ -ed.


blooded (not comparable)

  1. Experienced.
    I'll let a rookie march behind me with a loaded weapon once he's been blooded in combat, until then he stays in front where I can see which way he's pointing.
  2. Descended from.
    He's a full-blooded Apache.
  3. bloody, bleeding.
    • 2011 October 29, Neil Johnston, “Norwich 3 - 3 Blackburn”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Blackburn's cause was not helped when Morten Gamst Pedersen and Gael Givet collided going for the same ball, both players emerging blooded and dazed but otherwise unharmed.
  4. (zoology, of horses, cattle, etc.) derived from ancestors of good blood; having a good pedigree.

Derived terms[edit]



  1. simple past tense and past participle of blood