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a boathook
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boat +‎ hook



boathook (plural boathooks)

  1. A hook attached to a pole used for pulling or pushing boats, rafts, logs or other objects to or from the side of a boat.
    Synonyms: setting-pole, gaff, setter, pole-hook, hitcher
    • 2007 March 11, Michael Chabon, “Gentlemen of the Road”, in New York Times[1]:
      After that, Hanukkah curled up on the steps of the mosque and withdrew into sleep and his dream of Sarah, of the faint smell of burning sandalwood when she took his head into her lap, a dream from which Amram’s horny toe now dislodged him with all the tenderness of a boathook.
  2. (by extension) A pole or rod with such a hook at one end.