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  1. present participle of boot


booting (countable and uncountable, plural bootings)

  1. A kicking, as with a booted foot.
  2. (computing) The act by which a computer is booted.
    • 1999, Peter Norton, John M. Goodman, Peter Norton's Inside the PC (page 101)
      [] you can save yourself a little bit of time on subsequent bootings by altering a setting in the motherboard BIOS.
  3. (obsolete) Advantage; gain; gain by plunder; booty.
    • 1618, John Harrington, The most elegant and witty epigrams of Sir Iohn Harrington []
      Thou, Linus, that louest still to be promoting,
      Because I sport, about King Henries marriage:
      Think' st this will proue a matter worth the carriage.
      But let it alone, Lynus, it is no booting.
  4. (MLE, criminal slang) Homicide by gunfire.
    Coordinate term: chinging
    • 2015 November 1, C4 (814) (lyrics), “Dem Man Know”:
      C4 run man through the alley
      Get a man down with the swammy
      Get a man down with the whammy
      Boot couple niggas on the road
      No face no case with the bally (booting)
    • 2019 May 16, Digga D (lyrics), “P4DP”, in Double Tap Diaries EP:
      Just got bail, three shootings
      I ain’t gotta call up Pacman
      To go up to country to do some bootings (bu-bu)
      Tryna aim for your head
      Pronounce man dead, pull up and suit him