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borid (plural borids)

  1. (zoology) Any beetle of the family Boridae.
  2. (chemistry) Alternative form of boride
    • 1898, John Michels, Science, Volume 7, page 89,
      The work of Moissan on the metallic carbids and silicids has now been carried out, in conjunction with P. Williams, on the borids of the alkaline earths.
    • 1905, Specifications and Drawings of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office, Part 2, page 3975,
      If a borid of any metal is to be produced, it can either be prepared by placing the metal around but not touching the carbon anode, or preferably the pure borate of the metal the borate of which is desired, or the pure borate of this metal fused with about an equal weight of the more fusible borate of a metal [] .
    • 2001, European Powder Metallurgy Association, PM2001: Proceedings: October 22-24, 2001, Volume 2, page 287,
      Diffractometrical analysis has shown, that the main phase component of the investigated samples is tetragonal borid Nd2Fe14B. Reflections of this phase are present on diffractogramms, and the lines belonging to borid Nd1.11Fe4B4, are also observed.




Noun bor + suffix -id.


  • IPA(key): [borɪt]
  • Hyphenation: bo‧rid


borid m

  1. boride


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