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Box-bed in Austria

Alternative forms[edit]


box-bed (plural box-beds)

  1. A bed that is completely enclosed to provide the occupant with privacy, resembling a freestanding box or built into a wall.
    • 2013, Norman Adams, Hangman's Brae: True crime and punishment in Aberdeen and the North-East, →ISBN:
      James locked up before going to bed in the kitchen but awoke early next morning to hear footsteps beyond the closed wooden shtters of his box-bed.
  2. A bed that has the form of a large box for storage, with the lid of the box serving as the sleeping platform.
    • 2013, Ruskin Bond, Tales of Fosterganj, →ISBN:
      Perhaps the wood had warped too much during the monsoon, I thought, and the lid of the old box-bed did not fit properly.
  3. A bed that folds up to form a box.
    • 1947, Modern Packaging, page 99:
      After many unsuccessful attempts, a "box-bed" was developed which met all requirements for packing practicability and of eye appeal for the owners. The boxes are supplied with a folding panel at one end which, when tilted back, becomes the head-board of the "bed".