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From broil +‎ -ing.


broiling (comparative more broiling, superlative most broiling)

  1. Very hot.
    • 1922 October 26, Virginia Woolf, chapter II, in Jacob’s Room, Richmond, London: [] Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, OCLC 19736994; republished London: The Hogarth Press, 1960, OCLC 258624721, page 21:
      But the butterflies were dead. A whiff of rotten eggs had vanquished the pale clouded yellows which came pelting across the orchard and up Dods Hill and away on to the moor, now lost behind a furze bush, then off again helter-skelter in a broiling sun.


broiling (plural broilings)

  1. A food prepared by broiling.
    • 1974, Bruce H. Axler, Showmanship in the Dining Room, page 30:
      Likewise, when mixed broilings or skewered meats are offered, they can be kept warm or finished on a modest-sized table-top grill.
  2. gerund of broil: the act of broiling.
    • 1922, “The Bride’s Cookery Primer”, in Good Housekeeping, volume 74, page 66:
      Broiling is but another way of roasting those cuts of meat which have a broad, flat surface such as steaks, chops, or cutlets. And in broiling them the heat must be so intense that the meat surface is quickly seared, the pores sealed and every particle of flavor and rich juices imprisoned.
    • 2007, Suzanne Tracy, Practical Cook Book, Applewood Books, →ISBN, page 21:
      Broiling is the most perfect way of cooking meat and fish. There are three ways of broiling,—what is known as broiling proper, pan broiling and oven broiling. Broiling proper is to broil directly over the coals; the fire must be hot, clear and free from smoke.



  1. present participle of broil