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brown +‎ field


brownfield (plural brownfields)

  1. (often attributive) A site, to be used for housing or commerce, that has been previously used for industry and may be contaminated or need extensive clearing
    • 2001: State of the Union Address, George W. Bush
      My budget will improve our environment by accelerating the cleanup of toxic brownfields.
    • 2011, The Economist, Crossrail: The other side of the track
      On such a densely-populated island, most infrastructure projects are on brownfield sites, rather than starting in pastures new.
    • 2021 September 22, “Network News: Washwood Heath: three shortlisted”, in RAIL, number 940, page 17:
      The depot will occupy a 75-acre brownfield site.



brownfield (not comparable)

  1. (software engineering) Being a development that has to integrate with legacy systems.
    a brownfield project

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