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builder +‎ 's +‎ tea From being the preferred type of tea for British builders and construction workers.


builder's tea (usually uncountable, plural builder's teas)

  1. (Britain) Black tea, brewed strong and served in a large mug with milk and sugar.
    • 2001 March 30, Stephen Moss, “Meals on wheels”, in The Guardian:
      It has got the lot, this, underneath its hinged awning: eggs any way, sausage, old-fashioned burgers and builders' tea.
    • 2005, Barbara Bailey, An eccentric marriage: Living with Jim, ISBN 0624042960, page 185:
      I ate a kebab in a Cypriot cafe with the freezing rain spatting in the doorway and I was poured a soup-like cup of builder's tea.
    • 2008, William Morrow, Beef: The untold story of how milk, meat and muscle shaped the world, ISBN 0061718793, page 177:
      The meal should be taken with milky "builder's tea" steeped strong in the mug.
    • 2010, M. R. Hall, The Disappeared, ISBN 0230752101:
      Armed with a cup of Alison's strong, thick, builder's tea, Mrs Jamal started falteringly into the story she had told countless times to sceptical police officers and lawyers.


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